Hillary Clinton goes from candidate to surrogate

With less than three weeks left in this historical campaign for the White House, the candidates continue to press forward in their efforts to shore up their bases and sway undecided and moderate voters. An important part of that strategy is the role that surrogates play in helping put forth the campaign ticket's message.

Senator Hillary Clinton has been doing her part for Barack Obama's campaign to ensure a Democratic win come November 4.

Clinton talks to Tavis Smiley about the economy, how she voted on the bailout bill, and Governor Sarah Palin:

"I believe strongly that in politics you should focus on what's important -- you shouldn't major in the minors. And I had every confidence that the Obama-Biden ticket would emerge superior in the mind and eyes of voters than the McCain-Palin ticket. But I learned a long time ago that you get more folks with honey than vinegar. And the kind of people that we were trying to encourage to vote for Senator Obama, who weren't already convinced, had to be in a sense supported in reaching to different conclusions, and holding them both at the same time.

"Number one, it is exciting to have a woman on a ticket ... so people can be excited by that and can feel that this is a milestone, and at the same time, reach the conclusion that it's not a reason to vote for John McCain. In fact, there is very little that one can say that the McCain-Palin ticket offers that really addresses the serious problems that our country faces, and I think voters have reached that conclusion without Senator Obama or Joe Biden or me trying to force them to reach it..."

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