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Spanish civil war crimes

Forget the past, that was the deal, and above all do not seek vengeance�this was the swearing in of Spain's first democratically elected government in 1976. the so-called Pact of Forgetting paved the way for the transition a year after Franco's death. Franco's allies and enemies alike agreed to let the past lie. Spain's democracy has relied upon this pillar, and now that pillar is cracking. This Spanish judge has ordered the opening of several mass graves of leftist victims. He's also ordered the government to confirm the deaths of Franco and dozens of his top officials. He says if any are still alive, they'll be charged with crimes against humanity. Relatives of Franco's victims are celebrating. But not everyone is happy about digging up Franco-era graves. The right-leaning Popular Party is particularly upset. Other critics offer more ominous messages and claim Spain is going to rupture. They accuse the judge of bias. This case may never come to trial because of a technicality because local courts may have jurisdiction in Spain over this issue.

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