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Cybercrime bust

Authorities called the DarkMarket website a one-stop shop for the online criminal. But not just anyone could access DarkMarket, it was a member's only online forum. This official says to work into the forum, you'd have to be nominated by a member. One member arrested today had gotten access to nearly 20 million dollars worth of credit. DarkMarket had been up and running for three years and authorities said they had penetrated the site for two of them. Nobody offered many details, but this CIA official says authorities learned a lot about how criminals used the internet; for example, think about how a group of bank robbers operate: there's someone for each line of the operation. In the same way, he says, DarkMarket members had particular skillsets. DarkMarket might only be the tip of the iceberg. This analyst says this really points out the global nature of this crime. Earlier this week the FBI announced malicious online activity has become much more prevalent in the past year.

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