Britain's prime minister praised

Today's global newspaper headlines have talked about how well Gordon Brown has handled this financial crisis. In the space of a few short weeks, Brown has moved from political oblivion to the cusp of political resurrection and he can thank the financial crisis for his reversal of fortune, because Brown is the man with the plan. It's a transformation that's surprising to some in the U.K. But after all, Britain spent a decade as the equivalent of Britain's Treasury Secretary and oversaw huge success for Britain's economy and while banks took in record profits. This last year Brown appeared before the country's top financial executives and congratulated them heartily, language that would now make him shudder. Now their achievements have turned to dust. This analyst says Brown's transformation has been remarkable considering that he was one of the causes of the problem. Brown embraced many of the policies of deregulation brought in under Thatcher. Even his opponents admit he's done a good job with this rescue package. Brown evoked the memory of Winston Churchill in describing his determination to battle the financial crisis at hand. Already the clouds are gathering overhead though, as inflation reached new heights and Brown just lost a key vote on anti-terror legislation which may be why he was wise to correct too hearty of congratulations of him by the media.

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