China's not feeling the global economic pinch as much as other countries, but Chinese drivers have felt the pinch of rising gas prices. This Chinese driver loves the thought of an alternative to gas guzzling cars. Then again, he says, what if you run out of juice on the car? This Chinese car company has been coming up with answers. The first is a hybrid model that will hit the Chinese model next month. This company official says this model can run on electricity for 60 miles alone. The company also has plans for a fully electric car that will be released about a year from now. that car will be able to drive 200 miles in a single charge and can be recharged for 50% in about 10 minutes, but it'll also be about 30-40% more expensive than a comparable gas fueled model. Some Chinese car drivers are already interested. Beijingers got a taste of blue skies during the Olympics, but the notorious smog of Beijing has now returned. Some Chinese say they'd consider paying a premium to bring those blue skies back.

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