(What was Corsi setting out to do today and what happened to him?) He said in the news release that he was going to expose secret links between Obama and Kenya's President, Odinga. He also hinted mysteriously at a plot that was supposed to occur in Kenya after Obama is elected president. (We should note that Corsi played an influential role in the last presidential election and authored a book about John Kerry and now he's taking on Obama. Many of Corsi's allegations against Obama have been widely challenged and the book has not been released in Kenya, but what do people there know about him?) He hasn't been received well at all. There was one media article which tipped off what Corsi was going to do and said he was here on a smear campaign and people know about his previous book. People are also touchy about this issue because Corsi tries to say that Obama is close to Islam and that Islam is on the rise in Kenya, and threatens to overwhelm Kenyan government, which people say is laughable. Muslims here are very quiet so people think these claims are ridiculous.

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