An American embassy figures in today's Geo Quiz. Just about anyone in London can tell you how to get to Big Ben or the London Eye. But we're looking for directions to the US embassy. The embassy in London is one of the largest American diplomatic buildings in the world. It's a bit smaller than the ones in Moscow or Mexico City, but big enough to accommodate 750 staffers. So it's easy to spot. There's a golden eagle perched over the entrance. It looks out over a statue of General Eisenhower in front of the embassy. U.S. embassy: embassy: Today, the State Department announced this historic landmark will soon be up for sale. The embassy is packing up and moving to a more secure location. But before it goes, we want to know where in London it's located. We're checking in on a State Department announcement today for our Geo Quiz. The American Ambassador to Britain said today the U.S. plans to put its embassy in London up for sale. U.S. embassy in Lonon, U.K.: embassy in Lonon, U.K.: Thomas Naftali is a historian. And he's a fan of this landmark building. Tell us first where it's located and where its being relocated? Grosvenor Square, Westminster, City of Westminster, London TO: industrial land south of the river Thames in the Wandsworth area

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