At one point, Sergio Mendes and his group Brasil '66 recorded and toured with Herb Alpert.

Alpert eventually married the leader singer for Brasil '66, Lani Hall.

Fast forward to today and the three of them can be heard on Sergio Mendes' new CD "Encanto".

Mendes: "We're still very, very good friends. Close friends. It was such a great coincidence to have them, because I called them and I said, "would you like to be a part of the new album?" And they said, "Yeah, what song?" So I went to their house and we recorded in an afternoon. It was very beautiful.

It was very interesting for me to take Brazilian music and put into this new environment different sounds, different rhythms. Because Brazilian music it's so melodic. And Brazilian has such a great diversity. It's a natural fit. When I did my album with Cannonball it was jazz meets bossa nova, now it's samba bossa nova meets hip hop. It's such a wonderful meeting of cultures. Some people say it's strange to have a rapper do Brazilian music, but I say why. We have kids in Brazil. It's just great the world does the rap. It's like a great instrumentalist.

I recorded this album in Brazil. In Rio and in Bahia.

During my show, before I introduce the band I say listen welcome. I want to invite you to a musical journey that starts with the bossa nova and goes through Brasil '66 to this one Encanto. So, it's a musical journey".

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