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Economy forces British pubs to close

There's not a seat to be had at this pub in an affluent London neighborhood. It's an old pub with a history and strong reputation. This bar is an enduring success, but further reading into the success of British pubs is quite grim. One magazine reckons that nearly 60 pubs a month are closing. Take this tavern on the southern coast of England, which was in business for over a century. The tavern is surrounded by other casualties. the owner cites her #1 reason, the no-smoking ban. It's hard to say whether the anti-smoking law is the main cause, as supermarkets are now selling beers and wine on the cheap, and more and more pubs have gone corporate. This sign maker for pubs is dismayed at the decline of one of the country's most cherished roots, its unique and individual signs. With each passing week, more pubs falter, to be replaced by bars and apartments.

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