On this sunny afternoon in Paris you can pretty much guarantee that restaurant patios will be teeming with the lunch crowd and this day is no exception. But if you look closely you might notice people are eating and drinking less than normal. This woman is skipping her appetizer and making do with just an omelet. Her neighbor at the next table over is treating himself to the house specialty but is passing on the wine. He says it's due to the cost of basics going up, and French restaurants are suffering as a result. 27% more restaurants than last year have gone bankrupt and owners say their profits were already threatened by rising food price and wages. Faced with tough times, some restaurants are taking drastic measures�this burger chain has added several cut-rate menu options. This restaurant owner says this is the only way for a restaurant in Paris to survive these days. The strategy seems to have paid off and the owner says September was one of his best months ever.

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