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Global hit - Julie Fowlis

Singer Julie Fowlis hails from the remote Scottish island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

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It's a rugged and beautiful place about forty miles off the northwest coast of Scotland.

North Uist (courtesy of James Laing)North Uist (courtesy of James Laing)

Fowlis grew up in a Gaelic-speaking community, heir to one of the oldest song traditions in Europe.

Now Fowlis is bringing traditional Gaelic song to a wider audience.

She's been hailed as the first Gaelic artist to "cross over" to mainstream popularity in the U.K.

Her new CD is called "Cuilidh" (COO-lee), which means "treasury" or "sanctuary" in Scottish Gaelic.

She and her fellow musicians visited The World's studios at WGBH in Boston to chat with host Marco Werman and play some music.