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Think Central Asia for today's Geo Quiz.

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We're looking for a country that's had a bit of bad PR lately.


That's thanks to a certain British comedian who likes to impersonate a bumbling journalist from there.

But the Central Asian country we want you to name is no laughing matter.

Certainly not in the world of professional cycling.

Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong

In fact, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has just announced he's coming out of retirement to join a top cycling team from this country.

Name this pro-bike nation.

Think it through, and we'll be back with the answers after a spin of the wheel.

For today's geo quiz we asked you to name the country sponsoring Lance Armstrong's return to competitive cycling.

And the answer is Kazakhstan.

Lance Armstrong will be donning the jersey of the Kazakh team "Astana".

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Daniel Benson, managing editor at about Armstrong's announcement.