Both are routinely found in his writing -- from his first novella, "Goodbye, Columbus," to his best-known "Portnoy's Complaint," to his more recent "American Pastoral."

Like any serious writer with a long career, Roth has been the object of scorn and praise -- he's won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award; but critics have also called him a self-hating Jew and a misogynist.

Now Roth has written his 29th book. "Indignation" is set during the second year of the Korean War and Roth's narrator is Marcus Messner, a 19-year-old son of a Newark kosher butcher.

He says he had young people in mind as an audience of his new book, "... not that it's written for a young audience, but I had them in mind this way: that life has changed so drastically on a college campus since 1951, when this book is set, and the ethical norms, the social norms, the moral norms have all changed drastically; and therefore, I think they'll be quite surprised when and if they read this book."

Also on the show: jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli -- after 25 years of making records, he's finally decided it was time to honor one of America's greatest composers. Bob talks to Pizzarelli about his album, "With a Song in My Heart," which pays tribute to the late Richard Rogers.

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