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Global Hit - Amy MacDonald

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We close our program today with music from Scottish singer Amy MacDonald.

She's 21-year-old and lives in a suburb of Glasgow. That's far from London's hyperactive rock scene.

But Amy MacDonald likes it that way.

She's determined to stay in touch with friends and family -- and avoid the pitfalls of sudden stardom.

MacDonald doesn't want her personal life to fall apart -- like those of tabloid favorites Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty.

On her album, she sings about the way drugs can ruin a singer's life.

She called the track "Poison Prince."

Amy MacDonald appears to be making the right calls.

Her debut album "This is the Life" bumped Radiohead from the top of the UK album charts in January.

Now, the CD is out in the United States.

Amy MacDonald also kicks off her first U.S. tour this weekend in San Francisco.

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