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Candidates address economic trouble

(Will this financial crisis still be a crisis when the next president takes office?) Yes, I believe so. There's a whole series of mini-crises as part of the larger credit crisis worldwide. There will still be financial system problems, asset problems, banking problems worldwide. (What do global financial players worldwide need to hear from Obama or McCain that they're capable of handling this crisis and can prevent another one?) In McCain's case he was head of commerce during the deregulation of the banking system which has led to our current problems and that's a tough thing for him to talk about. I don't think he's credible to people who are serious in the financial world. [Clips of McCain and Obama ads which address the economic issue]. (So talk about these ads�anything that could persuade people here?) The McCain piece sounds like it was put together by Karl Rove. If I were a serious financial person in London, I'd think McCain doesn't understand global financial issues. (Could it be that the message is only intended for domestic audiences and other messages are going out globally?) I wish it were so, but I don't think it's true�he's chosen failed CEOs as his financial and economic advisors. (So what could McCain say that would assuage fears?) McCain said let's study this and have a commission like the 9/11 commission�that took over a year, we need people who will take responsible action now. so McCain scares me. Obama is saying let's take action now�he has a clear message. I don't think he's qualified, but he's at least saying the right thing. I'm not supporting either candidate and I have deep concerns about whether anyone in this race is qualified to run this country from an economic standpoint. (The CEOs who subscribe to your news services, domestically and internationally, what do you hear from them?) A lot of worry. It's difficult to sometimes express how things look in the U.S. to someone who's in London. (Do you think it's part of a candidates' objective to say things now to ease concerns?) Yes that is true. (How would you advise a presidential candidate?) I'd say the oil speculation we're going to have in D.C. is at one of the root causes of all these problems. I like the idea that Obama is talking directly about oil�saying that dependency on oil is a security issue and an economic one.

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