GH says it's not clear who's responsible for the attack: we'll have to wait and see who comes forward. The web of Al Qaeda is complex, with several splinter cells and there have been claims of rival leadership. There have been a theory that the most experienced members of Al Qaeda have been holding back and this could be that attack. (An attack against Americans or are there other targets?) There have been campaigns against Western targets, but the U.S. State Department had just returned. (Does the Yemenese government look the other way at this terrorist action?) the government is poor and fragile but it does work with the Americans, and they do have some counterterrorism units. (What's the public's response to this?) The public is against U.S. foreign policy but it's tough tell what public opinion and support is about these topics. The casualties in these types of attacks are Yemenese, and that's important.

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