We've been hearing about how Kim Jong Il apparently suffered a stroke and is experiencing some paralysis on his left side. South Korean officials have indicated that they knew about this a few weeks ago. But also for the past 8 or 9 years, North Korea has been building a missile launch site about 30 miles from the border with China. presumably they could launch missiles from this site that could hit the West coast of Alaska. (No one knew about this development?) A U.S. official said they have known about this but haven't been talking about it. (Why wouldn't they talk about it?) First of all it's not against international law to build such a site. The top priority also is to stop North Korea from assembling nuclear weapons and that's what negotiations have been leading towards. (We know there are reports that China has contingency plans to send troops into North Korea in the event of instability and with these other reports, are there concerns about instability?) AT this point it doesn't look like things are unstable and there is a small group of politicians who can lead when Kim can't. they would lead while they decide which of Kim's sons would take his place, if he were to die.