We're tracking a new cosmetic trend in today's Geo Quiz. We're talking about an unusual salon pedicure that's becoming popular in India's 4th largest city. The city we want you to name is on the southeast coast in the state of Tamil Nadu. One of its landmarks is Marina Beach a - 7 mile stretch of shoreline. It's a good place to dip your toes into the Bay of Bengal. And dipping your toes, though not in the ocean, is what we're talking about in this Indian city: ?I'm lifting my feet away from the tank no fish yet, no fish yet. Now I'm going to put my feet into the fish tank the moment at last!? Not just yet....hold on - we're going in for a "fish pedicure" ... We're tracking a new cosmetic trend for our Geo Quiz today. It's a salon treatment that's said to have started in China and Japan... but we first chanced upon it in Chennai, India... the answer to our Geo Quiz. Many in Chennai still refer to the city by its old name... Madras. Now -- the name of this new beauty treatment is the "fish pedicure." It's described as ticklish and lively. It involves putting your feet into a tub of warm water...full of tiny fish. We'll leave it to a BBC listener named Srikanth Krishnamurphy to take it from here: That was Srikanth Krishnamurphy getting a fish pedicure in Chennai the answer to our Geo Quiz.

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