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Freedom of speech in Morocco

JC says Razi overstepped the bounds of what is legally acceptable in Morocco: He suggested that the King's charity towards people contributed to the laziness of the country. He was talking about lucrative taxi contracts and the such. He said this encouraged people to beg to the King. (It sounds like this blogger was being more critical of people who begged to the King as opposed to the King himself.) Well yes, but talking about the King is taboo and this article could easily be perceived as inflammatory, as attacking the system of monarchy. Things have opened up a bit in recent times, but some people may remember the case of a Facebook profiler who used the King's younger brother's identity on Facebook. Eventually this man received a royal pardon but that also shows how sensitive the issue of the monarchy is in Morocco. (So why would this blogger write those things? Did he feel the internet was a safe harbor?) That's one interpretation, another is that he just felt strongly about it. he's not a particularly educated person, but also the only bread winner in his family. You'd think someone like him would realize the risks involved, but he must've felt very strongly about this. (How free is the internet in Morocco?) generally it's very free, you can get to sites like Facebook easily. (How harsh is prison in Morocco?) According to his brother he's in a cell with like 20 other people. Conditions have improved since the 70s and 80s, but I don't think anyone would claim that Moroccans are a model for the rest of the world. People are already calling for him to receive a royal pardon.

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