Musician Tomer Yosef grew up in a small town just east of Tel Aviv. But Tomer Yosef's big break in music came when he moved to New York City ten years ago. He co-founded a band that would morph into the group Balkan Beat Box. Yosef became the go-to songwriter for the group, punching out vocals for the band as well. Tomer Yosef was also a stand-up comic in Israel. So working on his own is nothing new. Yosef has just put out his second solo album. Tomer Yosef's new CD is called Laughing Underground. It's got the same groove as Balkan Beat Box -- a mix of rock, reggae, and hip-hop with a Middle Eastern vibe. Even though Tomer Yosef has moved back to Israel, he hasn't left Balkan Beat Box. If you think of the band as a carnival -- well, Yosef is kind-of the carnival barker. This is a man who once sang his opening number suspended upside-down from the ceiling. Tomer Yosef isn't planning such antics for a solo tour. But tomorrow, he and Balkan Beat Box hit the road here in the States for an 8 date tour starting in Los Angeles. Catch 'em while you can - because after the tour wraps up Tomer Yosef is heading home to Israel.

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