SC told us about her daughter Theo earlier today: she was very animated, full of life, she wanted to be an actress and a singer. She was studying at the Theater Department in Syracuse. She was just somebody young who deserved to live. (Now 20 years later after the bombing, how do you feel about Secretary Rice's visit with Gaddafi today?) I think this is appalling and dishonorable. We've tried to get Rice with me and she won't, but she'll meet with my daughter's killer. Gaddafi has not changed, a couple days ago one of his sons said to the BBC that the people who were killed were people who had sold their children's blood for money and were greedy. I was not part of this. (You did not accept the U.N. sanctions money?) No, we accepted that because it was straightforward with no strings attached. (Many critics of the Bush administration is that Libya is a rare success story to Bush's diplomacy.) Gaddafi has done many bad things, he is a terrorist. This is about oil and money. (Would it ever be acceptable for you for a U.S. administration to get closer to Gaddafi?) No, and to say that is like saying, Hitler was bad to the Jews but maybe we should make friends with him because we have a lot to gain. For twenty years there have been no changes, and here we are again. (Don't you think there has to be evolution in the outlook at world leaders?) Define evolution. You are talking now about the blowing up of an American airplane.

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