Delegates and the future of the GOP


(Image: 2008 Republican National Convention and Reflections Photography)

In this edition of My America 2008 from "The Tavis Smiley Show" -- delegates to the Republican National Convention talk about their journey to St. Paul and how they found their place in the GOP.

Producer Linda Blake profiles an African American Republican delegate about his firm choice to pledge allegiance to party over race in this election.

Producer Jon Tkach shares profiles of a delegate from Louisiana and a delegate from Nebraska who took part in GOP's rallying cry in St. Paul this week.

Pollster Andrew Kohut, founder of the Pew Research Center explores how voters may react to news and events from the GOP convention.

Charles Mathesiun, Politico.com national politics editor for Politico.com discusses some of the themes and strategies used at the Republican convention and how they may play out with voters beyond this week.

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