3 helicopters crossed over from Afghanistan into Pakistan into a town in South Waziristan. This area is very difficult to get into so this attack was meaningful and this sends a powerful signal to the militants. But it also puts the Pakistani government in a difficult position because they're worried that their sovereignty can be violated at will by the U.S. and that Pakistan has no territorial integrity. (How unusual is what happened today?) Ground troops have never been used in Pakistani areas, even though there have been cross border attacks by aircraft. this kind of attack is the first time it's ever happened since the invasion of Afghanistan. (Could this be the first time because the U.S. has gotten he ok from the new leader of Pakistan?) The change of leadership has changed a lot of things, but this is changes in military and government. (There's one other potentially dangerous incident that happened regarding the government today. tell us about it.) There was apparently an assassination attempt of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He belongs to the People of Pakistan Party, whose former head was Benazir Buttho who was assassinated.

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