The view from Mexico: this reporter says in the most influential newspaper in the country, it was noted that Americans would either elect an African-American president or a female Vice President. That's an interesting way to put it, but the reporter also says the U.S. presidential race is far from the most important issue in Mexico. That sentiment�that the presidential race is news but not THE news�was shared across the globe today. this reporter from Germany says talk of Palin's unmarried pregnant daughter is a distraction, it's not what riles the Germans. You do find similar sentiments in Italy, according to this reporter. He draws comparison between Palin's daughter and John Edwards's extra-marital affair. He says European society finds it hard to understand how American voters care as much about the private lives of their politicians. He does say that some Italian women were excited about Palin, especially because of Hillary Clinton's exit from the race. The glimpses into Palin's personal life is boring, says this Indian reporter, and has nothing to do with her political competence. This British reporter draws the comparison between Palin's inexperience and Margaret Thatcher. For most international reporters, the vice president nominee, regardless of party, just isn't that interesting.

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