Senator Joe Lieberman (Image: 2008 Republican National Convention and Reflections Photography)

Teen pregnancy, fishing permits, a state trooper and a nasty child custody battle -- and Sarah Palin’s been the Vice-Presidential pick for less than a week. But last night the party base got the red meat they were craving from a former Democrat – Joe Lieberman.

He was once Al Gore's running mate but last night Joe Lieberman implored Democrats to cross the aisle and support Republican John McCain and Sarah Palin. Tonight the Alaska Governor accepts the Vice Presidential Nomination.

SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (I-CT): "The truth she is a leader we can count on to help john shake up Washington."

Tonight the spotlight is on Palin, and Virginia delegates like Richard Neel from Fairfax County have some advice:

RICHARD NEEL: "I believe all she needs to do to hit it out of the park tonight is to be herself ... she has a tremendous life story to tell the American people."

Lisa Gable is a delegate from Middleburg, Virginia. She says Palin's job is to inspire the party foot-soldiers this fall.

LISA GABLE: "I have heard from women across the state they are excited ready to go out and work and I think they will vote for her as will men."

Virginia polls show a tie between Obama and McCain.

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