(Tell us first of all what kind of impression Palin has made on Alaskan politics since becoming governor?) She's revolutionized politics here. Alaska had been under control of the oil industry since 1980 or so and she overcame that and took the state in a new direction. (What does that new direction mean?) she's substantially raised taxes on the oil companies, she has been concerned that the oil companies had been warehousing their gas in the north and Palin said if you don't start developing it, we'll go in a different direction. She also built a pipeline that connects oil to the lower 48 states. (What does McCain's confidence about her politics regarding oil mean?) First of all, any reduced dependence on foreign oil from this pipeline Palin has pushed forward won't come for over a decade and it wouldn't make more than a small dent. She's in favor of drilling on the wildlife range, which McCain is opposed to�so that's one difference between them. (I guess the people Alaska have to be encouraged by the choice?) There will always be differing views on this between people of Alaska, but I think people here have a difficult time seeing how this will play out. It is an unconventional choice.

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