(Does the fact that Karad�ić has refused to enter a plea show how he feels about this court and its impartiality? And does that speak for how Serbs feel about the court?) people should look at how this court has conducted itself. Every judgment we deliver is based on hundred-plus pages of documents and it's the wealth of information that we use that should ease concerns of bias. (What are you doing to push this case along further than Milosevic's case?) Many things, but Milosevic's health issues and his self-representation did much to hold up the case. We hope nothing like this will happen. The U.N. Security Council has indicated that the Hague will not close its doors before its current cases are closed. (Personally, what drew you to work at the Hague?) The need for these gross violations of the international humanitarian law to be addressed because horrible things happened during the wars in former Yugoslavia and justice needs to be done for people to move forward. (What's it like to routinely meet people who are accused of some of the worst crimes in history?) I wouldn't say I meet them, but there is satisfaction to see these crimes being addressed. It's rewarding when you see the response of the victims.

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