South Koreans vs LPGA

(How will they figure out whether these women can speak English or not?) There will be an evaluation, they don't like the word �test,� although I contend it is. the evaluation is based on giving a celebratory speech on the 18th green without a translator and also conversation skills. (And if they fail?) if they fail they'll be suspended until they pass the evaluation. (Why has this been made a rule?) It's a combination of things, but it's mainly to do with how hard it is to get sponsors and how bad the economy is right now. (Tell us about the ProAm rounds, which is what this is mainly about.) ProAms are when companies and individuals alike shell out millions of dollars to play with a player and if you're someone who speaks fluent English and patting you on the back and then the next year you're paired with an Asian and a different culture, that pushes away the individuals. It's also hard for audiences to connect with a player who doesn't speak English. (Who are the players who are pushing back?) It's not the Koreans' nature to make a fit, but they're the only ones who put up a fight. The Europeans all speak pretty good English, so it's only the Asians who were upset, but they weren't offended, they understood why this was happening. (Does the PGA or any other sport have any requirement like this?) No, I can't think of any. (Any guess to why the LPGA would do this and the PGA wouldn't?) Well the LPGA make up is completely different, and there are more people who don't have a good handle of English. The direction of the LPGA is going so far east, so the league felt it had to do something now.

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