The Ossetian divide

AT says he saw many South Ossetian refugees who were returning to their homes: some just wanted to see if their houses were destroyed. It is hard to say whether these refugees are returning for a long time, but plenty are returning. (Do people there believe that as Russia pulls out of areas of Georgia right now that this conflict has ended or do they think something more is going to happen?) People believe Russia has helped Ossetians survive, and they worry Georgian troops would've destroyed South Ossetia if Russia had protected to them. The mood is all pro-Russia. Before this conflict there were some politicians who were talking about independence for Ossetia, but now they all feel indebted to Russia. (We've talked to reporters who feel as though they've been censored by Russia and can't report the Georgian side from Georgia. You are in Russian territory right now and hearing the Russian media. Are you seeing and hearing things that you are not hearing in the Russian media?) There are lies from both sides. (What is the truth from where you are in North Ossetia?) I was born in Georgia and then I moved to Russia but I'm a journalist and I try to be unbiased. My opinion is that this war was started by Georgian aggression. No one can explain the reasons for attacking South Ossetia.

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