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New York's pedi-cabs

This pedicab driver is from Germany and has been in New York for a month and a half, but he already knows Central Park like the back of his hand. He says he takes some 50 people through Central Park each day, and he can make as much as $60 dollars plus tip on each trip which helps pay back the rent on his pedicab which is about $200 a week. So there's good money to be made if you can handle the physical demands of the job. This pedicab driver is a three-year veteran and he's originally from Mali. He says the work is tough but the advantages is the exercise. He says he studied the history of the park for a month before he started working as a pedicab driver. And that information is what many tourists are looking for. This tourist from London says the 40 minute tour on a pedicab showed him more than he could've found out than if he walked. Their driver was from Tajikistan.

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