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Geo Quiz and Answer

Today's Geo Quiz sends us to a South Pacific island.

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It's a little spot on the world map.

It's about one and half times the size of Washington DC.

It's a self-governing island, though it's officially a dependency of New Zealand.

The island is often referred to as the "Rock of Polynesia."

Its natives simply call it "the rock."

This week the island made a bit of history.

It became first in the world to issue laptop computers to all its children.

Officials say a little green laptop was given to every primary and secondary school student on the island.

You'll have to operate with computer-like speed on this one...the answer's just a click away.

Again, we're looking for a coral island in the South Pacific....about 1500 miles northeast of New Zealand.

The South Pacific island we were looking for is Niue.

This week, every child there got a new computer. That's 500 in all.

It's part of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, which is supported by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, Google, and other businesses.

The head of a regional development agency says "the laptops have the potential to revolutionize education in ways that are difficult to imagine."