The short races are where the power and prestige lie on the tracks. Usain Bolt has been the new winner, who looked like he wasn't trying and still smashed the world record in the 100m. Bolt also easily won the 200m race. It was a 1-2-3 Jamaican finish in the women's race in 100m. most commentators think the global power has shifted to Caribbean in short distance races. Jamaica is the strongest of the Caribbean nations in short distance races. This commentator says so many of the Jamaican runners have gone to US colleges and are used to training and racing against U.S. competition. This Jamaican sports journalist is irritated by any comments that U.S. colleges are the making of Jamaican athletes. He says Jamaica has a strong athletics tradition that goes back 60 years. American athletes have admitted a failure to make the mark in short distances races have hurt, and they admit that Jamaica might be the new global power in track and field's glamour events.

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