Conflict's effect on business

EV says business ties between the U.S. and Russia is very good, and there's been a significant uptick in bilateral trade. it's relatively small, but the potential for growth is huge, this past year there's been 50% growth. (What has happened since the crisis in Georgia?) There's been no discernable impact on the business ties between the U.S. and Russia. It could still be too soon for such an impact to register, and this could have a cooling impact on some businesses who are considering making long term business ties in Russia. But it's too soon to tell. (How has there been economic growth between the U.S. and Russia as political tensions have also risen between the two countries?) I think the political and economic relations between the two countries have been effectively managed on different planes. This is something that helps to moderate Russian behavior and lead Russian companies towards more transparency. (Are you concerned about possible international action against Russia and hurt U.S. investments in Russia? Would U.S. investments be hurt if Russia were kicked out of the G8 group of industrialized nations?) I am concerned, but I wouldn't say alarmed. I don't think more drastic measures against Russia's economy would be worthwhile. And anything that helps to bring Russia into rules-based organizations helps to moderate Russia's more erratic behavior we see coming from certain government officials.

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