(Does this look like an effective ceasefire deal?) No, it doesn't, and interestingly enough, both the Georgian President and Secretary Rice used rhetoric which was far from peaceful at the press conference for the signing of this ceasefire. The Georgian President talked about Russia's occupation of his country and he also expressed anger, blaming the West for not granting Georgia NATO membership which he said could've prevented this war. Secretary Rice used rhetoric similar to that of President Bush recently, saying that Russia needs to withdraw immediately. (And what does it look like on the ground?) A colleague of mine who is 20 miles outside of Tbilisi says several Russian vehicles have come into a town outside the capitol and are setting up a checkpoint there, so Russia is taking up even more territory. We also know Russian troops have moved into three more cities in the west of Georgia, and Russian troops are now in control of Georgia's main seaports. The Russians are saying this is part of their peacekeeping operations, which Georgia doesn't agree with.

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