No Olympic medals yet for Canada

(What are the top ten reasons have?) #8 is, so what if Togo has a medal and we don't, their health care system is terribly underfunded. #7: There's no way Celine Dion will need to lip synch at the 2010 Olympics. #3: the Canadian fencer who failed was far more entertaining than any medal ceremony. This Canadian fencer is my favorite Olympian so far. She was a legitimate hope for a medal and she lost her first bout and she was rather rude, very loudly. She was coming under fierce attack for being un-Canadian and not losing with dignity, but I liked it because she showed emotion. #2 then is, there's plenty of time to give Michael Phelps Canadian citizenship before the next Olypmics. #1: it's only sports, and that's pretty much the general feeling here. this whining about Canada's failures happens every Olympics, but it is particularly bad this time.

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