GG: We heard the sounds of artillery fire and saw plumes of smoke rising over the Georgian town of Gori, which is near Russian positions. We watched from eight miles away, as fighting continued. The last explosion I heard was about 30 minutes before Medvedev's announcement, but after that I saw three helicopters dropping something incendiary on fields which then started to burn, and that operation was then repeated for about 12 or so miles down the road. (Was it possible to tell what the Russian's aim was?) The central square was hit with a huge shell and knocked out all the glass in nearby buildings. (Did you see anyone in Gori, civilians or military members?) I have seen more and more civilians leaving and there are now very few men there. the military was engaged in a dramatic retreat on Monday night ahead of a rumor of a Russian advance. (Do you know what happened in the supposed attack by Georgia into South Ossetia?) I spoke to a man with the European security umbrella organization and he painted a bleak picture of the offensive into South Ossetia. He reported many people injured and no gas, electricity or water there, including that there are many dead Georgian military bodies there�a devastating scene.

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