I find this so-called competition between the Chinese and the Americans to be very interesting, which some people are building up, the Chinese included who want to win more gold medals than the U.S. But the two countries have its strengths in completely different areas: the U.S. in swimming and track and field, whereas China is strong in weight lifting, shooting, diving, badminton, table tennis, etc. So the two countries never come head to head in any one sport. (What do you make of the U.S. win over China in basketball then?) I thought it was a yawner. I thought the U.S. vs. China is a no content. (And you're following Michael Phelps closely?) Yes, the media is giving him a lot of attention and deservedly because he's on pace to set some really venerable Olympic records, like the most career gold medals which was set in 1928 by a legendary Finnish long distance runner. Phelps can also break the record for most medals in individual events, which is a 100 year-old record. The race in the relay race was an incredible win for the Americans, an upset against the French in which both countries broke the world record. (Tell us about India winning its first gold medal.) My friends in India are ecstatic, and India has been competing in the Olympics for a long time and now an Indian shooter won a gold medal in an individual event.

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