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Mysterious gourmet trip in Spain

The restaurant where the Swiss citizen disappeared is famous for its extravagant dishes. The citizen disappeared on the night of June 13th. The diner stepped outside for a moment and that was the last time he was seen. The whereabouts of the Swiss citizen remain unknown. The clues he left behind only add to the mystery, says this chef who thinks something fishy happened. Curiously he left his diary at his table, which was his prized possession. The man who gave the diary is one of France's best known chefs. The traveler impressed that chef so much that he let the other head chefs on the man's destinations know he was coming and told them to treat him well. The investigation was delayed because a relative refused to report him as missing. Apparently he had disappeared for several weeks at one point earlier. Spanish police are now working with Interpol to find other clues.

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