MD says this is a serious challenge to his position: He's seen many other threats, but many say this is the biggest political threat he's faced. His popularity his ebbed away recently, and his party came out very poorly at the last election, so now his opposition feels as if they have a mandate to impeach Musharraf. (Did you get the sense that Nawaz Sharif is enjoying the spotlight because he was ousted by Musharraf in a military coup?) There's no doubt that he's been pushing for it, whereas the PPP Party head is more keen to deal with other issues and leave Musharraf in place. Sharif has taken this personally because of their history. (Is there enough support in the parliament to impeach Musharraf?) The coalition says they do have enough support but even though their parties won those last elections, Musharraf does still have supporters, and they'll need two-thirds of the parliament to impeach him and getting the numbers will be difficult. (Has Musharraf given any indication to what his next move might be?) No, the only indication we've heard is that he's canceled his trip to Olympics. He still does have the support of the military and as President he has the power to dissolve the parliament. If he keeps his military support, it's hard to imagine him going anywhere, but the military is under pressure as well to do more about the growing security threat. So the government is under pressure from all sides. (If Musharraf leaves, what might the affect be on efforts to combat terrorism in that part of the world?) Musharraf bills himself as the US's best ally in the fight against terrorism in that part of the world. But the coalition parties argue he's destabilizing the whole situation and the best solution is for him to be ousted.

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