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One of the great mountain ranges of Asia figures in today's Geo Quiz. This mountain range has been in the news lately. And, unfortunately, the news was not good.

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11 climbers lost their lives on K2 -- the tallest peak in this range and second tallest in the world after Everest.


K2 is one of more than 60 peaks that soar above 22,000 feet in the range we're looking for. K2 may not be as tall as Everest -- but it's considered more dangerous.

It's known for its knife-edged ridges, icy slopes and a treacherous stretch called the bottleneck.

K2 is part of the the Karakorum range... which spans the borders between Pakistan, India and China.


Italian climber Marco Confortola is the last survivor to be rescued off K2 after Friday's accident. He was helicoptered out of base camp earlier today. His plight on K2 has been front page news in Italy for days.

His rescue was welcome news to Peter Verza, an Italian mountain guide and Marco Comfortola's colleague. Listen to the interview: