There are about 40 guys sparring with each other, and among them are the two Olympic hopefuls. This man is one of them, and he's incredibly strong, quick, and agile. This is the President of Afghanistan's national Tae Kwan Do federation and he's training both of the Olympic athletes. He says the athletes have a good chance of winning an Olympic medal and they're excellently conditioned. This man has the best hope, he's already a world class black belt and he wants to prove you don't need money or high tech training equipment to win a medal. He says it's important for his country to win an Olympic medal. Tae Kwan Do has been very popular here since its introduction to the country by an American in the early 1970s. there are now 700 clubs in the country and it'll be even more popular if one of their athletes wins an Olympic medal in the sport. This country official says winning a medal would help unite the country.

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