(These charges are the latest chapter in the long story about Siddiqui. What do we know about who Siddiqui is?) I think there's a lot of smoke and mirrors with this woman. When John Ashcroft talked about an imminent Al Qaeda attack and singled out 11 operatives as being very, very dangerous in a 2004 news conference�one of the operatives was this woman. She married one of the top lieutenants and a cousin of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and what she's done or not done remains to be seen. (Her lawyer says these latest charges are a tall story. What evidence is there either way?) Her lawyers says she's not a terrorist, but an innocent mother of three who's well trained by neuroscientists. There's a lot of disparities in this story. (We're told that Siddiqui was detained in Afghanistan on July 17. what happened during that detaining?) The lawyers brought her to a holding cell and the authorities brought her into a room and she was unrestrained, and according to the FBI affidavit, and two FBI agents, two army personnel and a translator went into the same room not knowing she was behind a curtain. One guy puts down a rifle and she allegedly grabbed it and started shooting. in return she was shot twice and fought and was threatening the US agents in the room. (Do you think it's interesting that she's being charged with trying to hurt US agents instead of other terrorist charges?) I don't and I've spoken to her lawyers about this. I think this is an instance of the government charging her with what they have. (She'd been missing for five years and some family members think she was detained by the US for a while.) Her family is not responding to some of these allegations, but her family believes she was held by the Pakistani government, and the US had access to her.