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School extracurriculars axed amid economic slump

As the economy continues its downward spiral, schools across the country are cutting sports, art and music programs. In the Mount Vernon school system, two proposed budgets failed to pass and now students are bearing the brunt. The Takeaway talks to 16-year-old Sean Harris, a rising senior at Mount Vernon High who expected to play varsity basketball this year ? until all of his school's sports teams were axed. Guest: Sean Harris, Mount Vernon High School student athlete, Mount Vernon, N.Y. Editor's note: The Takeaway wishes to clarify some figures that were broadcast on air this morning. New York's Mount Vernon School District has a fundraising goal of $950,000 to save the district's sports programs. The district has set a benchmark date of August 10, 2008, by which time they hope to raise $300,000. To date $91,000 has been raised and other fund-raisers are scheduled.

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