(ACBAR is issuing a statement today that talks about your grave concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and its impact on civilians. How is the security situation affecting humanitarian organizations there?) It's impacting our ability to reach the most vulnerable populations. ACBAR, for example, was on its way to transport some patients and our staff was kidnapped along the way and have yet to be released, so we've had to suspend our activities in that region. We've also suffered terrorist attacks. (How would you compare what you're enduring right now to during other periods since 2001?) At least the optimism is gone. During past periods, there were few organizations that could operate in Afghanistan so the need was great and people were receptive. We have to be serious about pressing these issues. (What would you say?) That peace cannot be brought through military force, build a confidence in the Afghan government, peace building initiatives should be developed at local, national and regional levels.

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