World falls short on helping Darfur

The report is an examination of the joint United Nations African Union Peacekeeping Force in Darfur. That Force was authorized by the UN one year ago today. One major problem according to the report was the lack of helicopters. Eighteen were requested, not one was delivered.

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Jerry Fowler, co-author of the report, says helicopters are very vital to the success of the mission. They're important because they carry troops around and to provide close air support for the troops, and protect civilians. He says there's a lack of political will on the part of the UN Security Council and member nations to offer up the helicopters. His report indentifies where available helicopters are located around the world.

According to Folwer, "The role of the U.S. could be in helping to provide money, and secondly, really providing the diplomatic wherewithal in the Security Council in supporting this mission to show that there is a commitment to success."

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