(What's the latest in the court case?) There were several federal agents who talked about their interrogations with Hamdan in which he either identified members of the Al Qaeda inner circle or talked about Al Qaeda compounds and generally the Al Qaeda infrastructure. (Yesterday Hamdan left the room in a huff in response to a video.) The prosecution was mad that he addressed the jury and the judge accepted it and relayed his regrets. (What about those videos?) He lies. Hamdan's defense has been that he was a driver working for a wage, not an ideology. Well he gets captured by the Afghan forces and in interrogation he tells them he's a charity worker. (Explain the process here. the jury is composed of 6 military officers, not twelve peers of the defendant as usual. Has Hamdan and his lawyers taken exception with that?) Yes, they say military commissions were created after the fact, allow for heresy and don't give protections and they have said he deserves to be judged in real courts. That said, they're participating and they're engaged. I don't know if we'll see this down the road with people like KSM, who have said the courts are illegitimate. (Can a new president halt these military commissions trials as he so desires?) A new president would have the authority to stop these trials, but would he be willing to do it if they're already underway.