Karadzic was living under an assumed name, practicing alternative medicine, and all but unrecognizable with a flowing white beard and long hair. This analyst says he's one of the worst men in the world and one of the most wanted men in Europe. Human rights advocates celebrated today. This law expert says Karadzic was the mastermind behind the genocide in Bosnia and this is a victory for the notion that justice has a role to play in peace building processes. It's taken 13 years to bring Karadzic to justice because the EU has brought up demands that Serbia bring Karadzic to justice if it wants to join the EU. This Serbian expert says this is proof that Serbia is ready to join the EU and work with the international community. But the EU may not give Serbia a warm embrace yet because it also wants cooperation in capturing another former war crimes perpetrator, military leader Radko Mladic, who carried out Karadzic's genocidal design. This analyst thinks it's essential that Mladic also face justice, but he may be even more protected than Karadzic, who was just protected by the Serbian military. The arrest is important in Bosnia as well as Serbia, where reforms are also required before Bosnia can join the EU.