Iran's missile threats

Iranian TV showed footage of what it said was a new round of missile tests of medium and long range missiles today. Israel responded with a high tech announcement of its own, a high tech aircraft capable of spying on Iran. The news conference sounded like something out of a Hollywood movie. These tit for tat announcements come at a time of increased tension over Iran's nuclear program. Last month Israel conducted exercises in the region and for its part Iran said it would strike at Israeli and American interests if it were attacked. Overt American pressure on Iran is limited to sanctions though. Some were surprised this week then to see that American exports trades to Iran have increased almost tenfold over the last seven years. but the news was welcomed by this Iran specialist and he says all along US sanctions are not intended to hurt Iranian populations. Products in question include things like perfume, cigarettes and golf carts. The Iranian analyst says the products in Iran do have an effect and he says that Iranians do make a connection between economic prosperity and a US role in their country.

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