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We're headed for Mugabe Street. You probably won't have much luck stopping and asking for directions. Mapquest isn't going to be much help either. We're looking for a South African city where in a local township there's a street named Mugabe Street.

The local newspaper, the Sowetan, prompted an outcry when it asked: "Why name a street after a leader, (Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe), who does not respect democracy?"

Zimbabwe's recent national election was marred by state sponsored violence and an opposition boycott. One reader said "shame on those who named a street after one of Africa's worst tyrants." The local official in charge of street names insists the street was named after a local hero, not Zimbabwe's president.

But locals aren't buying it. In any case, we want you to name the city where a sign has prompted a street fight.

Some residents of Umlazi township in Durban, South Africa aren't happy about a road called Mugabe Street. They say Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is a "cruel dictator" who does not respect democracy and they're pressuring officials to rename the street in honor of a South African hero instead. The official in charge of street names says if residents feels strongly about it, he will listen to them.

Durban, South Africa is the answer.