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This 74 year old woman invites me into her back garden. There used to be a rabbit hutch at the back of the garden, but not anymore. She says one morning she found one her pets with his head missing and a little later her other pet was found killed too. Those rabbits are among 30 that have been killed in the area since last summer. Many of the rabbits have been decapitated and the blood drained from their bodies. It's been one of the most shocking cases of animal cruelty that Germans can remember. The granddaughter of that woman says The Rabbit Ripper has sparked fear. This police officer shows me disturbing photos of headless pet rabbits. Local police have set up a task force to solve the crimes, and they're now examining rabbit torsos for DNA, and they've questioned 300 people. But they admit they still have no clues or traces. What also baffles police is how the killer is locating his bunnies because most of them are hidden from public view in backyards and gardens. It's raised the possibility that the killer is using satellite images from the internet to track down bunnies.

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